2017 exclusive co-operation as a bouzouki player with Giorgos Sampanis.
2017 exclusive co-operation as a bouzouki player with Fani Drakopoulou.
2006-2017 exclusive cooperation as a bouzouki player with Lena Papadopoulou.
2000-2015 collaboration with well-known artists in well-known centers
entertainment (Giorgos Lianos, Giannis Vardis, Dimitris Kontolasos, Elli
Kokkinou, Takis Zaharatos, Efi Sarri, Stavros Fotiadis, Sabrina,
Dionysis Makris, Maria Iakovou, Chryspa, etc.).
1997-2017 work in selected entertainment centers in Athens and Thessaloniki as
music player (bouzouki).
2003-2006 bouzouki trainer ODEEE E. SAMARA, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2003-2010 bouzouki trainer ASTRINIDIO ODEEIO, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2014-2017 bouzouki instructor ODEIO DEPO, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2007-2011 bouzouki trainer KOINOFELIS COMMITTEE OF MUNICIPALITY, Thessaloniki (Greece).
2015-2017 bouzouki trainer CULTURAL CENTER OF TRIANDRIA, Thessaloniki (Greece).
1982-1997 work in selected clubs and participation in concerts with dedication tracks in honor of known composers such as Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Zambetas.
Berlin (Germany)