He was born and raised in Berlin on 31/7/1975. Graduate of a german school, Tolis Zacharis comes from a musical family. His father, Dimitris Zacharis, is in the music industry for the last 40 years and has played a significant role in the musical development of Tolis Zacharis. Having his father at his side as a teacher takes his first steps in music.
Along the way, he was taught for 3 years the violin by Berlescu, 2 years the piano by Richard Wolfgang and 2 years the guitar by Dornis Dino. He studied theoretical education at the Berlin School of Music “NEUKOLLN” for 2 years.

Since 1992 he has been working in many music stages by playing bouzouki next to famous artists. In the past he has participated in concerts some of which were tributes to great composers while he has several songs as a composer.

From 1998 until today, alongside with the music scene, he works as a bouzouki instructor in music schools. His great career in the field of music makes him an excellent teacher with love for music. He is able to transfer his knowledge and capable of adapting his teaching methods at all a ages and levels of students.